About Me

My name is Amber.  I am addicted to blogging, yet I never really feel like I have anything to say.  Anything exciting that is.   But I keep on doing it, because I think it's fun.  This year my goal is to blog more of our homeschooling journey.  This beats writing it in long-hand.  :-)

In a nutshell, I am a Daughter of the King, a Navy Wife, and a Homeschooling Mommy of four awesome kids.  We are a blended family and it's only a couple of times a year that all four kids are together at one time.  This makes the small hours all the more important.

I love to read.  It's my favorite thing to do.  Every now and then I'll post a review of a book I thought was wonderful.

I love to scrapbook, yet it's been a long while since I've done it.  I need to scrapbook.  It's therapeutic.  I must get back into it!

I love homeschooling.  Right now, I can't imagine NOT homeschooling, but I know that we take it year by year.

We recently moved to Germany.  Words cannot begin to express how excited I am to be here!

I hope you enjoy your visit here in my little corner of cyberspace.

Thank you for stopping by!!